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RODIN du Calvaire aux Acacias
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du Calvaire aux Acacias


Hünxe - Germany
November 17, 2002
In Germany, the breeding of Belgian Malinois is managed by the DMC ( German Malinois Club ) in order to select the best animals for reproduction , either males or females. This selection takes place in various steps depending on age and experience of the dog.

ADN sampling for Rodin
1 - Test of Character

--> dogs of the age of 9 to 15 months
--> Compulsory for all dogs, male or female.
This first test is made to judge the animal's sociability towards human beings as well as towards his comrades, the stability of his character and the availability of the dog.
In order to pass the character test, a minimum of 61% is required. If the dog fails, it can retest again, but only once.
--> dogs of the age of 15 to 30 months
--> possess a title for working (RCI, RING)
--> from 30 months onwards
--> possess a title for working (RCI, RING)

The aggressor has suddenly appeared from behind a number of cartons to aggress the handler. The dog must take a rapid initiative without hesitation.
Agression sur Rodin
The different levels help to emphasize the qualities of the dogs in front of an increasing virility of work. In Körung III, the decoys are told to do everything to prevent the dog from biting, which explains the reduced number of selected dogs at this level.
These trials are always carried out on neutral grounds which are not the training environment, and new situations are chosen each time.
Rodin en action
In Hünxe, the dog had a huge plastic cover as an obstacle between him and the decoy, but attacks on the costume of Ring 3 level can also happen which is not always easy for the Schutzhund dogs who are used to biting sleeves only…
At the end of each course, the results are detailed and explained for handler and spectator alike.
Fin du parcours
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