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RODIN du Calvaire aux Acacias
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- Merten - December 2001
Be it the German RCI or us with the French Ring, one thing is quite clear: the working dog needs many passionate people. It is with this type of spirit that we met in a French club in Merten near the German border. We should mention that the Ring is still not recognized in Germany, though it has found its first adherents.
Be it the RCI or the Ring, what is admirable is the result of the training and the way the dog takes initiatives in front of a new situation.
We thank all members of the Mertens club for this very successful day.
RODIN à l'exercice
Rodin being trained to defend his handler from Pascal, the German decoy.
La défense
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French RING seminar in Hartford, CT - USA - March 2002
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