The Ring is a marvellous technical discipline. Perfection of skill and spectacular decoys make a Ring trial an incredible experience to witness.
More than any other disciplines, the Ring is of the strictest discipline "par excellence" and can bring joy and disappointment. It already has its living legends ! And the audience can not be mistaken ! The Ring public can see what is nice, acclaim technical movement when it attains perfection. It can also show compassion ! When the dog, commanded some tenths seconds too late bites the stop attack, when he forgets to defend his handler, refuses to execute his "En Avant"… a murmur tuns through the stands.

Ringers are knowledgeable people, able to vibrate, to explose for a perfect technical movement, to encourage the competitors with appause and horn, in a stadium with sometime an atmosphere like a football final. That is also the charm of this discipline : excessive sometimes heyond measure. But this immoderation is for sure a part of this sport with a very surprising technicality that is fatal. Here everything is pushed to excess, starting with the quest for the perfection itself ! Right away, the one that practises this discipline enter into a real search for performance. Ring is the art of sow the wind, to harvest the storm and to calm down the elements all the time. Because the dog is above all, a controlled dog : controlled in what is most his extreme, in intense pleasure to bite. Between the real and the stop attack, all is said. The dog is able to be immoderately courageous, incisive, aggressive, decisive and in the next instant, in the same movement, same step, less than one meter of his target, at some hundreds of a second of the impact, at the peak of his motivation, cheked, stopped, completely broken in his bound.

The magnificence of the Ring lies in the juxtaposition of these two images. In the efficiency of his hold, when the dog bites fully into the cloth… and in the interdiction of the slightest bite after the cessation order. The Ring dig is for the challenge. He has to be physical, fast, voluntart, sports, decisive, courageous but also vigorous, stable, able to control or to react in a quarter of a seconde.
In this methodical discipline, sometimes rigorous to the extreme, almost military, each detail has its importance. The reason for this rigid bearing of conductor, like standing to attention.
We have to recognize that the rules are fatal. The slightest move or sign can be interpreted like supplementary command and cost points. The rules are strict and demand perfection.