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RODIN du Calvaire aux Acacias
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du Calvaire aux Acacias

Available for breeding

Rodin was born on May 14, 2000
X-rayed hips and elbows
AND samples taken
He is the son of Judex and Miss du Calvaire aux Acacias

Rodin puppies were born and are available in France and in Germany
Rodin has obtained "excellent" in beauty exhibitions in France
He has successfully passed the Körung II exam in Germany on November 17, 2002
Tittle in Ring at the age of 18 months, Rodin passed his first Ring 3 in the USA 2002 championship where he obtained the second place while blowing the stop attack. The winner was Marco des Loups Mutins.
Pictures from the US 2002 championship
Rodin is a dog of very high energy, loving and always happy. His temperament is strong and solid. His biting is stable and deep. His impact speed is impressive.

Rodin has also participated in a well-known French series of police films: "Les enquêtes d'Elise Moreau".
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