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We organized with Volker RIEDEL a seminar for French Ring.
The morning was partly spent indoors and we explained with video slides the beginning of the Ring more than 100 years ago until today. This evolution was to a certain extent the work of the costume makers who had developed new materials and this improved the mobility of the "apaches" as the decoys were called by then, and due to the numerous modifications of the rules over a certain period of time
Puppy basics :
as soon as the animal has learned to bite, the stick becomes an entire part of the exercise.
It's on the ground where we finally explained our way to proceed to train for biting, and afterwards the various exercises of the brevet, Ring 1, Ring 2 and Ring 3. To do this, we were helped by our decoy and friend Laurent Jean.

Volker RIEDEL with IDOL and Kim HECHLER.
Laurent JEAN, selected decoy level 2.
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Meeting French RING / German RCI - Merten - December 2001
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