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RODIN du Calvaire aux Acacias
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When we train for a dog sport, it does not matter the sports discipline (Schutzhund, French Ring, Mondioring…) the training is designed to supply : love of sport for your dog, of the competition for the handler and the passion for training for both dog and handler.

The dogs are selected based upon their atheletic ability, physical stature and for their working qualities.
Mondioring escort
Mondioring attack with article
Guard of the decoy in Schutzhund
Object Guard - French Ring
   We have for sport :

        - green dogs, trained in bitework and obedience
        - Tittle dogs
Defense of the handler - French Ring
1955 - Léon MAISON, father from Dany
First decoy selected in North of france
With his German Shepherd female XA
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